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Korean Language Courses

Korean language course

BKSI Korean Language Courses

BKSI is a leading Korean language learning institution that provides world-class Korean language courses for people of all ages in Bangladesh. We offer an extensive range of Korean language courses to ensure that everyone can learn the Korean language they need to succeed inside and outside the country.

We offer both individualized and group programs to fit every need and interest. Our program members receive personalized attention from our experienced teachers and access to state-of-the-art equipment and materials needed for the successful learning of Korean.

BKSI offers Basic Korean Language, EPS-TOPIK Preparation, and TOPIK Preparation Courses in Bangladesh.

Korean Language Courses

Korean Basic Course

Korean Basic Course

Admission & Course Fee (Call 01889174072)

EPS-TOPIK CBT Preparation Course

Admission & Course Fee (Call 01889174072)

EPS-TOPIK CBT Preparation Course

EPS-TOPIK CBT Preparation Course

Admission & Course Fee (Call 01889174072)

TOPIK Preparation Course

Admission & Course Fee (Call 01889174072)

Why Choose BKSI Korean Language Courses in Bangladesh?

We believe that by providing these courses, we can help our students achieve their goals of becoming more proficient in the Korean language and culture. The classes are designed to provide learners with the necessary vocabulary, grammar, terms of reference, and practice tests to quickly improve their skills while also developing critical thinking, communication, and writing abilities.

Our Basic Korean Language course will teach you how to speak and understand the basic terms of the Korean language. The EPS-TOPIK Preparation Course is designed for students who want to improve their Korean reading, speaking, and listening skills by studying for an exam specifically tailored for Bangladeshis who want to go to Korea for job purposes. In TOPIK Preparation Courses, we teach required vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and listening skills to get a satisfactory level in TOPIK exams who wants to go to Korea for higher study.

Contact BKSI:

Bangladesh Korean Studies Initiative (BKSI)

Office: 103, 6th Floor, Muktobangla Shopping Complex

Mirpur 1, Dhaka - 1216, Bangladesh

Mobile: (+88) 01889174072



About The Basic Korean Course

This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 60 hours of classes including 4 skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The main topics are basic expressions used in everyday life such as greeting, introducing yourself, talking about your family and everyday life, and so on. Each lesson covers dialogue, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes, and role-playing.

This course is designed to introduce basic Korean grammar, such as basic vocabulary and basic ending styles, that you need to communicate about survival in the Korean language. Students must participate in the lessons by conjugating certain words and grammatical functions and by making their own sentences.
After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Read and write the Korean alphabet.
  • Communicate in Korean with basic expressions.
  • Learn basic knowledge about Korean culture.
  • Everyday Korean Culture
  • Everyday speaking and polite forms of speech
  • Levels of formality and body language

    It's fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!


What will you learn from this course?

The Korean Alphabet In this module, you will learn the Korean alphabet or the Korean script 'Hangeul'. After completing the lessons, you will be able to understand the principles of how each letter was invented. You can also read and write Hangeul.

Korean Writing System

Understanding the Korean Writing System.

Basic Korean Pronunciation Understanding the characteristics of Korean Pronunciation.

Greetings and Introducing In this module, you will learn how to greet, ask about someone's nationality/job and answer those questions in Korean. After finishing the classes you can introduce yourself, greet someone and talk about someone's nationality and profession.

Family In this module, you will learn the expressions about family. After completing the lessons, you can talk about family members and learn how to count numbers.

Time and date In this module, you will learn about time and date in Korean. And you also say the days of the week. After completing the lessons, you can ask and answer the time and date with Korean numbers.

Daily life In this module, you will learn various Korean vocabulary related to your daily life. After completing the lessons, you can use informal sentence endings, ask questions and provide answers about your daily life.

Objects The subject marker, Talking about daily life stuff, Things in a room, Things in the classroom, Animals

Places and Locations Taking about locations and places, Giving directions.

Shopping Buying things at the store, Asking the price of things.

Likes & dislikes You will learn likes and dislikes related words and their use in sentences.

Simple Sentences (Adverbs, Plural, Nouns, Articles) You will learn the formation of simple sentences with grammar like adverbs, plural, nouns, and articles.

Wanting and not wanting You will learn wanting and not wanting related words and their use in sentences.

Asking Questions You will learn the formation of questions and how to use in basic conversations.

Basic Korean Grammar Understanding the characteristics of Korean Grammar


EPS TOPIK CBT Preparation Course Overview


EPS TOPIK test (also called KLT) is conducted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor of South Korea for the selection of foreign workers to work in Korean production units, construction sites, agriculture, etc. It tests the language skills of potential foreign workers to ensure that they can perform their duties in Korea efficiently and also go about their daily lives without language problems. Based on the EPS TOPIK score, they make a list of eligible foreign job seekers who can then apply and get a good work visa (E-9).

EPS-TOPIK CBT Test Structure

This is a single-level exam. There are two sections:

Listening: 20 questions — 100 points, 25 minutes.

Reading: 20 questions — 100 points, 25 minutes

The total number of questions is 40 while the total duration is 50 minutes. There is no pause between these two modules.

Candidates can choose between two methods:

PBT (Paper-Based Test), and

CBT (Computer-Based Test).

All questions are MCQ (Multiple-Choice Questions), and you must choose one correct answer from 4 choices.

EPS-TOPIK CBT Examination Curriculum

This tests your basic understanding of Korean society, corporate culture, and industry-specific information. You also need communication skills for beginners in the Korean language to carry out daily activities. The reading segment has basic vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and practical daily tasks. The listening contains basic conversation, pronunciation, and visual data for regular work.

Standard Textbook EPS-TOPIK Korean

HRD Ministry Korea has issued standard textbooks for people who want to get a job in Korea to learn Korean and prepare for EPS TOPIK.

The Standard Textbook EPS-TOPIK Korean is organized into 8 topics, consisting of 60 chapters. The books help you learn Korean and learn Korean culture and work terminology and phrases.

Each chapter of the standard EPS-TOPIK textbook consists of five parts as below.

1. Vocabulary and Expression: 

  • Learn about the vocabulary through pictures

2. Dialog:

  • Using learned vocabulary through expressions and knowing the grammar 

3. Practice

  • Make up a dialog and practice

4. Culture/Information: 

  • Information about Korean culture and their’s work environment

5. EPS-TOPIK practice: 

  • Preparing the EPS-TOPIK test

Download the EPS TOPIK Korean textbook PDFs along with audio files from the link below: